Our Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2015-2017

Animation strategy leads a process of strengthening community voices and collective actions that are well informed by meaningful training, mentoring, coaching on monitoring government policies.

Mining: The process will among other things facilitate the communities to better understand and establish dialogue with government and the private sector on small and large scale mining projects; transparency and issues of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), service levy and local content shall be central to the empowerment process.

Farming: Smallholder farmers shall be engaged in policy processes to better understand and claim their rights. Cotton farming will lead the farming agenda while issues related to welfare and livelihoods of many smallholder farmers are well packaged and strategically used for advocacy purposes. Cotton is considered to be white gold; characteristics of cotton farming and exploitation involved have similarity to large scale mining operations.

Fishing: Communities in these areas shall also be facilitated towards conscientiousness to break the culture of silence on human rights abuses and in misuse of public resources, management of natural resources along the Lake Victoria region. There is a concern that small and large scale projects in fishing are not transparent, there is also a concern that income generated from this industry including tax is not managed in a way that reduces poverty improves the welfare of fishing communities

There is a link, unseen connection of farmers’ land and the mining sector, forceful evictions, pollution and activities during dry season are one of many evidences for the linkage. The link of fishing activities to both mining and farming are farfetched but communities living along the fishing areas also require policies to work and make difference to their lives. The three interventions will develop scenarios, informed dialogues and help Tanzania government and its citizen to reflect, and propose alternative effective policies before it is too late!