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How we learn (monitoring and evaluation)  

Learning continues to be central to ADLG, and continues to be a regular component of all activities within the programmes. On-going monitoring continues using the Outcome mapping journals, which feeds into the program /project planning and reporting.


To supplement, sometimes ad-hoc data coming out of the outcome mapping journals, the programme relies more on supplementary information from “story telling” which are generated from mentoring (field visit) reports, and telephone conversations. Stories are often powerful pieces of truth and storytelling is one of the most effective ways to convey them especially in society where majority cannot read and write.


 Outcome Mapping is an innovative approach to project and programme planning, monitoring and evaluation with a strong focus on participatory learning. The major innovation is the emphasis on the behaviour change of key actors with whom the programme has an influence, rather than focussing on changes in state that may or may not be attributed to the programme.